Keisuke Fujii

Osaka University, Japan

Keisuke Fujii

Quantum Computing: State of The Art and Prospects

Abstract: Supported by extensive experimental efforts for the realization of quantum computing devices, a quantum computer of a hundred qubits is now within reach. This level of a quantum computer is not enough for fully-fledged fault-tolerant quantum computing, which is inevitable for large-scale quantum computing supporting theoretically proven exponential computational speedup. However, state-of-the-art quantum computers still are thought to have a computational advantage against classical computers for certain tasks and called noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the NISQ devices and their applications for quantum simulation and machine learning. In addition, I will show the prospects and challenges for the realization of a fault-tolerant quantum computer in the long term.


Keisuke Fujii is Professor of Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University. He received his PhD from Kyoto University (2011). After PostDoc at Osaka University (2011-2013), he has since held positions at The Hakubi center for advanced research, Kyoto University (Assistant Professor, 2013-2016), Photon Science Center of The University of Tokyo (Assistant Professor, 2016-2017), Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University (Associate Professor, 2017-2019). He is also Chief Technical Adviser of QunaSys Inc.. His research interests focus on quantum computing, quantum error correction, quantum algorithm and quantum computational complexity.