Composite image representing quantam-computing, material informatics, and thermal transport.

Post-Workshop Announcements

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Workshop Time (Agenda)

US time zones: March 22-25 (Mon-Thu, 4-7:45 pm PT, 7-10:45 pm ET)
Japan time: March 23-26 (Tue-Fri, 8-11:45 am)


This workshop, co-sponsored by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), was created to enhance conversations among the thermal transport communities and the greater materials informatics communities to promote international collaboration initiatives.  Quantum computing was added as a key element in the future of materials informatics and also being encouraged by the outcome of the meeting of NSF and JST leaderships, who agreed to accelerate research collaboration particularly in the fields of AI, Robotics, Quantum, Resilience, and Millennium-generation interaction.

Workshop Description

Over the past few decades, research in thermal transport has led to significant advancement in the understanding of fundamental physics and computational tools that can predict thermal properties with high fidelity. However, applying such established knowledge and tools to design new materials for relevant applications, like thermoelectrics and thermal management, has been ad-hoc. With the recent prosperity of artificial intelligence (AI), there is an opportunity to leverage AI to further advance thermal transport so as to maximize the ability to systematically develop thermal materials with desirable properties, i.e., materials-by-design. The purpose of this NSF-JST joint workshop is to initiate conversations between the greater materials informatics community and the thermal transport community to promote national and international collaboration initiatives.

Workshop Organizers

  • Dames

    Chris Dames

    Mechanical Engineering
    University of California Berkeley

  • Shiomi

    Junichiro Shiomi

    Professor and Chair
    Mechanical Engineering
    University of Tokyo

  • Luo

    Tengfei Luo

    Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
    University of Notre Dame

  • Tsuda

    Koji Tsuda

    Computational Biology and Medical Sciences
    University of Tokyo