Jeffrey Meth

DuPont, USA

Jeffrey Meth

Controlling Temperature in Electronic Systems – An Industrial Perspective on the Material Needs of the Industry

Abstract: Keeping materials below the temperature at which degradation reactions become detrimental is a key requirement to ensure the reliability of systems.  Designing materials for this purpose requires a full understanding of heat generation, transport, and dissipation over all the time and distance scales in the system.  This presentation will outline current and future needs for materials in these markets.  We will present past development work in the field, and describe the scientific bottlenecks that reduce innovation times. 


Jeff received a BS in chemistry from MIT in 1984, and a PhD in chemical physics from Stanford in 1989.  He has worked at DuPont for the last 31 years, and is currently with the Electronics and Imaging business.  With strength in material science and physics, Jeff has worked on the optical, mechanical, electrical, fracture, and thermal properties of coatings.  He has worked on thermal materials, OLEDs, printed electronics and nanocomposites.  He was the technical lead for the team that commercialized the Temprion® product line, and continues to develop new products for the electronics marketplace.  He has ~100 publications and ~20 patents.